Conditions of participation


Both active and passive participation are possible.

Courses will be taught in German and English

Passive participants have the opportunity to observe all courses, lessons and concerts of the academy.

The active participants are invited to prepare at least 5 arias from German operas, operettas or oratorios, as well as 10 art songs. For the German compulsory repertoire 2 arias and 2 songs of own choice must be indicated.

In the opening concert, the active participants introduce themselves with a German song or a German aria.

The active participants receive a daily UE vocal and a UE accompaniment. In addition, they have the opportunity to take part in the courses Early Music, Oratory, Ensemble and Choir Samples, as well as the Stage Presentation / Scenic Design course. For non-German speaking participants the course German Diction is offered.

The professors decide on participation in the master class with Prof. Regina Werner-Dietrich.

Additional offers: (included in course fee)

  • Ensemble singing
  • German language course (for foreign students)
  • Stage presence
  • Oratory course
  • Master class: KS Prof. Regina Werner-Dietrich
  • Stage Presentation / Scenic Design

Participation is voluntary.

There are daily concerts and lunchtime music.

Promotional prizes will be awarded in the amount of 500 EUR.